Coconut wine is a famous Vietnamese specialty because it is delicious and nourishing. This is 100% alcohol free from chemicals and preservatives. It is processed by traditional fermentation and preserved in the raw coconut. So, how to buy coconut wine in Ho Chi Minh?

Coconut wine is not only delicious but also healthy; therefore, many people are looking for how to buy coconut wine in Ho Chi Minh. If you do not know, then the article below is proper for you.

Coconut wine has many uses that you may heard before. Not only helps to have good meal but it also contributes to improving the beauty, especially helping women have slim body. It is a delicious drink that is condensed from pure coconut water. Let’s take a look at its benefits.

Coconut has beneficial effects on digestion:
If in the stomach there is 60-100g of coconut wine, it can increase gastric by 120ml, which is good for digestion and prevention of constipation. Therefore, coconut liquor can regulate the function of the intestine. In other words, it effects against the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease.
Coconut drinks help lose weight

How to buy coconut wine in Ho Chi Minh

How to buy coconut wine in Ho Chi Minh

Each ml of coconut wine contains 525 calories. This amount is only equivalent to one fifth of the average daily need of the body. After drinking, coconut wine can be absorbed directly, digested within 4 hours without gaining weight. People who regularly drink coconut liquor can not only replenish the amount of water and nutrients they need, but also the weight loss.

Coconut has beauty effect and prevent aging.
Phenolic-containing organic ingredients are found in coconut liquor, which helps to lower blood cholesterol, prevent harmful cholesterol, and strengthen the blood vessels, increase cardiovascular function. It effectively prevents premature aging.

Coconut has the effect of reducing sleeplessness
According to many people, in addition to these effects, coconut wine has the effect of sleeping well, and reduce insomnia. Because of its composition, there are 34 medicinal herbs. When drinking alcohol, people feel more calm. They have better appetite and deep sleep.

So how to buy coconut wine in Ho Chi Minh?

How to buy coconut wine in Ho Chi Minh

How to buy coconut wine in Ho Chi Minh

Coconut wine is very easy to find; therefore, you do not need to worry about how to buy coconut wine in Ho Chi Minh. You can visit three branches to buy it as following:

Branch 1: Q28 Nguyen Huu Hao, ward.6, district 4
Branch 2: 490 Phan Xich Long, ward 3, Phu Nhuan district.

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